RNG lottery draw system by Akanis

The V-Box is the latest innovation from Akanis, the French provider of solutions for lottery draws. This solution for virtual draws was designed by Akanis engineers in collaboration with a Swiss manufacturer of random systems.

The Akanis V-Box takes into account the requirements of the customer’s brand and adapts perfectly to the needs of lotteries. It runs standard pick style games, Loto and Keno games.

This solution integrates very easily and is completely autonomous. All the components are supplied in a single cabinet and only require an electricity supply and a network cable. It is a very reliable system for virtual draws.

Indeed, access to the controlling computers is done through fingerprint authentication; therefore access by unauthorized users is impossible. In addition, the system includes a firewall allowing access only to the external system directly connected and security using physical hardware addresses.

The random generator uses a state-of-the-art internationally certified Swiss-designed system that generates truly random numbers using photon counting technology.

The high availability of the system is ensured thanks to:

  • Duplicated and dedicated servers with automatic failover,
  • Replication of hot-swap disks to eliminate the risk of data loss in the event of a disk failure,
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system to ensure continuity of operation in the event of power interruption,
  • Integrated backup solution.


Backup options available are as follows:

  • Traditional backup cartridge (LTO or RDX)
  • Removable disk or SSD media

Optional video server (using CGI technology) to create videos simulating draws in real time or offline which can be transferred to the client network and beyond.

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