Keyfeatures of Akanis lottery drawing machines

Akanis Technologies has radically innovated the lottery technology with operational features and designs, consistent in all of our lottery drawing systems. All our systems are designed to enhance the draw security and to allow a maximum of flexibility for our clients’ operational needs:

  • PC operated system
  • Automatic recognition system (RFID tag)
  • Retractable loader
  • Display rack

The Akanis brand is easily recognizable by its elegantly and uniquely designed steel and aluminium body. Akanis Technologies continuously seeks to innovate its products and services at the highest standards to accompany our Clients and anticipate their needs.
Our drawing systems are made in France and the industrial parts used in our drawing systems are of the highest quality.

pc operated system to easily manage WinTV drawing games


The PC-operated system ENABLES your exact specifications for the draw to be pre-programmed: the number of balls, the time between each ball drawn, the mixing time in the drum and even the power of the airflow can all be pre-set into the system.

The PC-operated system allows CHOICE between an automatic sequence initiated by the operator or a step by step manual trigger.

The PC-operated system can MANAGE: external display screens, log draw information and communication with an external software.

retractable loader technology by winTV


The Ultimate systems (Venus and Mercury) are equipped with a revolutionary Fully Retractable Loader, a modern feature of lottery technology which was specially developed for live TV draws.

This mobile loader automatically withdraws into the equipment’s interior after loading the drawing balls, allowing a camera and the audience to have a full and clear view of the entire drawing process.

The retractable loader is completely automatic and a demonstration of Akanis’ engagement in innovation.

display rack for lotto drawing machine by WinTV


Could be designed depending on the game specifications (LOTTO, KENO, BINGO …) and the Client requirements.

Others examples below :

display rack for loto drawing machine by WinTV
Bingo display rack for Venus
automatic recognition system for lottery drawing balls


In order to identify the balls drawn, each ball can be equipped with a tiny tag containing a unique 22 digit ID number, which can be read by the Drawing Machine and forwarded to the operating PC (ARS : Automatic Recognition
System). To maintain the random nature of the results, Akanis lottery technology developed a complete Drawing Ball Management Software
The software stores details of every ball (weight, diameter, tag identification…) in a database, along with a complete history of results and this gives you the ability to produce a range of statistical reports.

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